From SoCal to North Jersey comes… a delicious “Habit”

I’ve said it in the name already, but you may just think that it’s some sort of “L.A. changes you” kind of thing. Yes, Los Angeles does change a person and it can probably drive a person to become an unexplainable being afterwards (but don’t worry, we all still love you!) Well, I honestly did mention that it’s a delicious habit, not just any habit. Be that as it may, after checking this out, it just might become your habit as well. Let me share with you the habit I’ve been through for the past two days.

From Santa Barbara, CA and the rest of the West Coast comes The Habit Burger Grill – The Southern California coastline classic that surely has landed a little further in from the Hudson River. How it got here – nobody knows… but surely enough, they made a bolder move than another restaurant I’ll leave to consider. Located in the flourishing Fair Lawn, NJ in a pretty new shopping center (and residential area) shines the SoCal burger joint that prides its history from their home at the moment of entry and serves up what Californians have loved, sometimes like a religion (as we know burger Since 1969 from Santa Barbara joint chains.) Despite being categorised as “fast food”, coming from 2,000+ [driving distance] miles away, you will finally experience what the West Coast defines in burger joints right in the comfort of the Northeast. If you’re not from New Jersey, then either you don’t know about The Habit or it’s just not where you’re at yet. In which case, it’s fine – let’s see what an average New Jerseyan thinks about it!


Venue Information:

Front EntranceThe Habit Burger Grill

Burger Joint
3101 Promenade Blvd
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
(201) 475-3800


The Habit?

Well, I broke this down real early, but I went here two times and it has become quite a habit already (much quicker than I had anticipated.) According to their Facebook page, their mission is:

To become everyone’s favorite Habit, one burger at a time.

Yeah, well, they managed to accomplish that mission on me real fast. It only took two days to realise that I’ve gone there much more than someone from Central New Jersey should (considering the #2 Combo - Double Charburger (Day One)hour’s drive.) If my first post about burgers didn’t push the point through, I am always down for a really good burger. Apparently, that search ended got off track really quickly and brought me here. Certainly, it isn’t the end of my search, but it surely paused it. I think I’m being too easy on my standards, but… nonetheless, each burger I had gave me the urge to want my next burger and meal or next lunch to happen there and nowhere else. Least to say, my name is Alexander Tsui and I have a new habit.


Original Combo #2 – The Double Charburger

If you have listened to your gut, you obviously know to try what made them the way they are now – where 9/10 of the time is their self-defined “original.” With that in mind, that brought me to their second original combo, which included a Double Charburger (Double Cheeseburger with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles and Mayonnaise), French Fries and a Medium Drink [$9.10 after 7% State Tax.] Day one, the first bite I took caught me by surprise because of how my mouth was trained to have a burger being in the Northeast for such a long amount of time chowing down on burgers. What I Double Charburger didn’t realise was that it is not Jersey original anymore, but it’s a SoCal original, which is an over-emphasis on a slightly-unexplainable-by-a-New-Jerseyan Southern California feel for a burger. The grilled bun with a crunch containing all the ingredients put together to form a fresh char-grilled burger with a taste so right, as if it all blended in perfectly, made the sandwich a blend of beefy Heaven on the inside with a memorable first and last bite, leaving you for more… every time. The burger, like the other burgers I’ve had so far to date, does leave some melted cheese and some ingredients out there (which is expected for a fresh burger fit to description), but fries were made to sweep all that to finish it off (right?) The fries are those compared to that served in Five Guys, but I cannot totally confirm the 5G-boasted peanut oil – NJ or Cali, the fries remain the best compliment to the burger meal regardless!

Also, I’m no beverage reviewer (yet), but wash it down with a Strawberry Limeade – goes so well, especially in the current remaining summer month of August!


Day Two – The Teriyaki Burger

Day Two - All Sandwiches
Day two, the same… add in the Teriyaki Burger as well from choice and not wanting to wait in line a second time (if you don’t know how NJ reacts to new restaurant openings, you haven’t lived in NJ IMG_20140820_132525long enough.) The Teriyaki Burger is your single burger with [melted] Swiss Cheese, Pineapple, Tomato, Lettuce, and… Teriyaki Sauce (oh ha, you didn’t guess that already, right?) I’m a sucker for the Pineapple and the Teriyaki Sauce, so my second burger from the Habit had to be the Teriyaki (because the third one is obviously going to be the Santa Barbara burger next time.) Did I mention  that the Swiss Cheese is nicely melted right below the crown bun? Tangy and sweet with the crunchy bun I mentioned before, I’m quite amazed no other burger restaurant around North and Central New Jersey pulled off Pineapple that I would have actually enjoyed. Seriously, it took a SoCal burger joint chain to enlighten my taste buds. Best of all, this burger cost me less than $5 like most of the other burgers (a la carte) on the menu. Talk about value for the indulgence of a real burger.

Both times I’ve went, I have yet to experience a single issue with staff and management. In fact, the people I’ve dealt with so far are probably some of the best in fast food anywhere right now. Shoot, I’m not even from Fair Lawn, but Jeff, who, if I’m not mistaken, is a/the manager at the location, already acknowledges me like a good friend! Not to mention, those who I’ve met so far are very enthusiastic about where they work and what they serve. When’s the last time you went to a fast food restaurant that appreciates everything that makes up the Habit and you notice it? Go on, I’ll give you some time to think about it.


Again, welcome to New Jersey, my new Habit!

Restaurant Kitchen & Front Yeah, they work fast – Their food surely made me adapt a new habit in only 2 days and three sandwiches, the people there are models of what fast food chains should be doing and… well, I’m hooked and shocked. I didn’t think they would make a habit, but since you’ve even read up to the last paragraph of the post, I’ll even say it right now – It puts In-N-Out to shame. Yes, I said it – Where are they if they haven’t come to New Jersey? I suppose they chose Texas, but The Habit took the prize for me. For a while, The Habit won’t be changing for easily being my top 3 burger joints ever in my lifetime. Hype – Yes, the one-worded comment on it. It lived up to it as well and it’s amazing how much it has done to me and how much someone who enjoys burgers can be swayed by it. It worked, so it’s getting a:


10 out of 10

Remember: Two days in a row means two different visits. Yes, one blog post was written about it, but both days were explained. I’m serious about the burgers I enjoy and I have to give a heart-felt rating in order to give a 10 and that, technically, marks the first 10/10 in my blog. If you ever get the chance in North Jersey, check it out!

(Meanwhile, I’m gonna keep pushing them to expand in the Central Jersey coast!)

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